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Sport in ancient Egypt.

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Santrauka: - Introduction -- Contests in Ancient Egypt Various Sports in Ancient Egypt Duels -- Wrestling -- Boxing -- Single-stick Fencing Swimming Rowing Running -- High Jump (khazza lawizza) Weight-lifting Archery Riding -- Various Games of a Sports Character Ball Games Sports Games and Exercises -- Balancing Exercises -- Games of Skill -- Gymnastic Exercises -- Other Games Boatsmen's Games Hunting as a Sport Fowling with a Throw-stick Fishing -- Spearing Fish -- Angling -- Big Game Hunting Hunting the Hippopotamus Hunting the Rhinoceros, Elephant, Lion and Wild Bull Religion and Sport -- Egyptian Godheads Linked with Sport Cultic Activities with a Sports Character Cultic Races -- Gymnastics and Acrobatics at Cultic Festivals A Cultic Festival Ceremony in Honour of Min, God of Fertility Sport as a Part of Education The King as Sportsman -- The Great Stela of King Amenophis II at Giza Chronology Plates Large Plate Explanatory Notes Illustrations to the Text Plates Bibliography.

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